Family Orthodontist

treatment-teenIt is recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists that children have their first orthodontic screening by the age of 7 in order to best catch issues with your child smile. Near this age, first molars and incisors have erupted in the majority of children. Also, certain issues are advised to be treated around this age, such as detrimental crossbites, severe crowding, or jaw distress. By finding and correcting these issues earl, the Orthodontic Center of Orange County can prevent potential future negative effects of skeletal asymmetry.

We can also preserve bone and soft tissue covering the lower incisors by correcting anterior crossbites. Regarding severe crowding, the orthodontics procedures we offer can allow for the room needed for tooth eruption. By catching jaw discrepancies earlier in your child life, we can get started on early correction for aesthetic seasons so your child will not have to go these issues later in life.

Early Prevention can Future Frustration and Embarrassment

While it is recommended that initial treatment for these issues begin around the age 7-8, they may not be necessary. The earlier crooked teeth can be aligned or under/over bite issues corrected, the likelihood that only minor preventative orthodontics procedures are needed to prevent bigger and more costly issues.Attractive Hispanic Woman and Girl Playing a Video Game with Handheld Controllers

The Orthodontic Center of Orange County has the expert medical team to diagnose and treat issues you may have with your child’s teeth. Contact us to schedule your child’s next appointment.