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Retainer Info and Costs

Retainers are the most effective methods of ensuring teeth stay in their original place after braces have been removed by an orthodontist. At OrthoMax™ we have a wide range of retainers to meet all of our patient’s specific needs.

If you have already completed brace treatment you must then wear retainers to maintain your teeth in their final position. There are several different types of retainers we have available. Below you will find the retainers we have available along with information about each retainer.

Fixed Retainer

Fixed Retainers

Fixed retainers are a notably valuable method of ensuring teeth remains in place following the removal of braces. Fixed retainers are discreet as they consist of a metallic wire bonded to the back of the front six teeth. They can be bonded to the upper or lower teeth or to both arches.

During the process, the retainer is bonded to the back of patient’s front six teeth using white fillings and this keeps those six teeth in their final position.

What are the benefits and risks of fixed retainers?

Fixed retainers are always in place and so patients do not need to worry about forgetting to wear them one night. In addition, fixed retainers assist in stabilizing mobile teeth, as well as reducing the risk of a relapse in heavily rotated teeth.

On the negative side, fixed retainers only fix the front six teeth and can’t stop the premolars and molars from moving. Also fixed retainers can create oral hygiene problems as flossing the front teeth will be more difficult. Finally, fixed retainers can change the bite as the retainers white fillings can touch the tips of the lower teeth.

Hawley Retainers

Patients hoping to improve the appearance of their smile using cosmetic dentistry could be well suited to receive the Hawley retainer, which is a removable fixture created from plastic and stainless steel wire.

This method of retention is commonly used after the removal of a fixed brace, which can be provided as a form of follow-up treatment.

Patients will see the best results from this treatment if they wear the retainer for the majority of the day for three months after their initial brace is removed. Following this, wearing the retainer at night time will ensure the newly corrected teeth remain in place.

Fixed Retainer

Orthodontists normally recommend wearing the Hawley fixture for a few years following the end of orthodontic treatment time, with many practitioners believing the best results will be achieved if the accessory is worn until a patient’s facial growth has ceased.

How to take care of a Hawley Retainer?

A simple method of using a toothbrush and soap to clean the Hawley retainer should ensure it maintains its clean appearance. Some ingredients found in regular toothpaste can damage the plastic used to create the feature; however, proprietary cleaning agents are available to purchase.

Wearing the Hawley retainer is vital for patients who have recently had their braces removed, as the teeth will almost certainly return to their crooked position if not worn. If a patient loses the appliance at any period during treatment time, they should contact their dentist for a replacement immediately.

Vivera and Invisalign Retainer

Vivera Retainers / Invisalign Retainers

Vivera retainers were invented by Invisalign to provide retention after orthodontic treatment. Vivera retainers are similar in shape and color to Essix retainers however they are manufactured in a more accurate fashion making Vivera retainers extremely well fitting retainers.

Designed using the same technology as Invisalign, the procedure is set to result in a smooth and comfortable fit to ensure partial pain or discomfort for individuals.

This technology is provided for members of the public in a series of three sets of upper and lower Vivera retainers to ensure the best possible results in maintaining the position of teeth following the removal of braces. The retention regime for Vivera retainers is same as Essix retainers.

The advantage of having three sets of Vivera retainers is that, patients do not have to rush back to the dental clinic, should one retainer break or if the retainer is lost.

Essix Clear Retainers

The Essix retainer is created using a clear thermoplastic mold, which is intended to be used after the completion of orthodontic treatment.

This removable almost invisible retainer is designed to provide support to the teeth in an attempt to prevent them from moving out of their desired position after the removal of braces.

The Essix retainer is less obtrusive and more aesthetically pleasing than alternative Hawley retainers due to its natural-looking appearance. In addition, the lack of wires makes the fixture even less noticeable, which could be ideal for individuals who are worried about the stigma attached to wearing the Hawley retainer.

Vivera and Invisalign Retainer

The advantage of Essix retainers over Fixed retainers is that Essix retainers retain every tooth in the mouth and not just the front six teeth.

The retaining rule for Essix retainers is usually:

  • Full time wear (20-22 hours a day) for the first four months after brace treatment.
  • Night time wear (12 hours a night) for the following 12 months.
  • Alternative night time wear (12 hours a night) thereafter.

Patients are recommended to have their Essix retainer checked by their orthodontist during regular check-up appointments as from time to time, these retainers will wear down and need to be replaced.

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Cost of Retainers

Fixed Reatainer (Upper or Lower) $295 each
Fixed Reatiners (Upper and Lower)( $495 both (reg. $600)
Hawley Retainer (Upper or Lower) $295 each
Hawley Retainers (Upper and Lower) $495 (reg. $600)
Vivera/Invisalign Retainer (Upper or Lower) $395 each (Includes 2)
Vivera/Invisalign Retainers (Upper and Lower) $875 (Includes 2 sets)
Essix Clear Retainer (Upper or Lower) $295 both (reg. $600)
Essix Clear Retainer (Upper and Lower) $495 (Includes

* Some patients may need additional dental procedures prior to straightening teeth, such as tooth extraction or tooth reshaping. Some patients may need adjunct orthodontic appliances added to their Invisalign treatment in the event Invisalign alone cannot work to correct the orthodontic problem. These adjunct appliances include but are not limited to auxiliary buttons or attachments, rubber bands, expanders, lingual braces, bonded retainers, etc. These procedures may not be included in the above treatment fees and can only be determined after a complimentary consultation.

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